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Film Festivals! 

It looks like Naughty Jenny is hitting the film festival circuit! I have always loved participating in film festivals and it is kind of the Colossal Cinematic Showcase to get the party started for Project213 this year. This particular showcase will be filled with a bunch of old friends and I look forward to spending the time with them, even if I have to wear a colossally cinematic facemask. Oh and speaking of festivals, I realized that I never expressed my gratitude to the Blow-up International Arthouse Festival for last year's inclusion of our experimental film, Nocturne ((psychosis)). Chicago plays a great host to the arthouse film community and it was an honor to be included. Check out the laurels to both festivals below, and I'll see ya at the movies.








Naughty Jenny! 

This is the month! We release Naughty Jenny, set her free and let her live in her own world amongst all the great bands and music videos out there! We have enjoyed sharing some of this process with you and can't wait to continue to share all future projects! many things are already in the works but in the meantime here is some "behind the scenes" footage to help keep focussed on the task at hand:).


Video Shoot 

Well I am finally catching up on sleep after an exhaustive video shoot for the upcoming P213 release of Naughty Jenny. It has been so much fun working on every aspect of this song. The learning experiences have been plentiful - from inspiration and creation all the way to the music video and marketing. It is surprising how far the project has come and still a bit daunting the amount of work that is left. I'll be sharing a ton of behind the scenes action here and all over the various social sites...and we have so much I think I will be able to keep each site fresh with content! 

Now that the music video is filmed, we are exhaustively working our way through editing and file preparation. I absolutely can not wait to share the final product!