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psychoSissy live on ArgosTV! 

Despite the difficult times, we find ourselves in at the moment there are still moments of inspiration to be found. Take for example the onslaught of streaming concerts from living rooms, warehouses, empty clubs, studios, and practically anywhere you can get an internet connection. PsychoSissy was lucky enough to be featured in a live basement set on ArgosTV. Brand new records were cut the day of the event on a vintage Presto 6N lathe cutting machine, and then mixed and manipulated via turntables. It was a blast creating custom sounds for this specific event and even more fun mixing and manipulating the meditative drones into an experimental, esoteric set. Open a bottle of wine and check out the link below for the full hour-long set.

The sounds were created in Logic and then scratched onto the surface of 7" square pieces of plastic. This is the same process that we used for cutting Project213's limited release of 'Naughty Jenny'. Join our mailing list for future limited releases!

Ionian (Third Eye Tuning) 

PsychoSissy has a new release! This particular project creates meditation music for a variety of purposes. The use of frequency manipulation and binaural concepts encourage astral travel and OBE's, however, this song was designed with an additional benefit!

The name of the song (Ionian) refers to a scale and a particular mode from a music theory perspective. "Ionian" is the major scale and that is the thematic material for this piece. That, in of itself, is no big deal as there is no shortage of music that employs the major scale. What makes this one a little different though is that it is designed from the "ear training" perspective. When you use this piece for meditation you are also teaching your brain and body what the C major scale sounds like and feels like. That is particularly useful for people who study music but there are benefits for everybody else as well. For example, once your body gets use to what a major scale feels like then you can start to employ these concepts as a tool to help design your mindset and meditative approaches.

Whether you are using this from a meditative perspective or a music theory perspective, please enjoy this tool. Any sound system will allow you to employ these benefits however effects are enhanced with a high end surround sound system and/or "over the ear" headphones. Effects are also enhanced if used during sleep and absorbed by the subconscious!

Here is the link on Spotify.


P.S. The beautiful artwork for the album cover is a picture of an installation by Dale Chihuly. The installation is found as part of the ceiling in the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.



I am excited to share a new project! PsychoSissy is up on Spotify and ready for you to enjoy. This is a little project for you "meditators" and "seekers" out there. I'll leave you with the liner notes below and in the meantime I hope to run across you on the astral plane!

"This specific meditation is used to prepare for and initiate an out of body experience allowing your astral body to separate from your physical body and journey towards the various levels of the astral plane. Astral travel and astral projection is associated with self-hypnosis, forms of meditation, and dream states that can be induced through various hallucinogenic means. This is one of those means. This can be used as an overall mental preparation or as the first stage of a long term meditation. This will work well with any speaker system however a high-end surround sound system or quality over the ear headphones are suggested. One should approach this with a clear intent and prepare an environment that allows for calm, open-mindedness. Effects become more powerful if used in conjunction with various breathing exercises, aromatherapy, massage, and any of the esoteric arts." 

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