"While turning up the overdrive and getting as bold and brash as possible is nothing new in the rock n’ roll genre, Project213 invites us to embrace the brawniness of music in a way the mainstream hasn’t allowed for in years..." John McCall (Too Much Love Magazine)

"Project213 revives the heaviness of the old guard in southwestern hard rock with a truly fresh spin from the man at the helm of this campaign, and to me, it’s an act that needs a lot more attention than it’s been getting." Scott Carlito (Indie Band Guru)

 "Project213 are an indie scene dream, with their driving rhythms and dark, albeit quirky, undertones..."- Lisa Hafey (Essentially Pop, Popwrapped, Maximum Pop)

Lipstick Kisses (official music video)

Everybody Masturbate (official music video)

Alien Hip Hop Collective (official music video)

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