Dolby Atmos!

I have discovered Dolby Atmos and am hooked! Spatial audio has long been a dream and tv’s and consumer level speakers are starting to be Atmos compatible. Logic Pro 10.7 allows you to mix for Atmos and there are even rumors that VSX (a genius product by the team at Steven Slate) will be coming out with a Dolby Atmos mixing room. Oh, I so hope that this is true! 

Atoms = 9.1 surround sound. The 9 speakers are placed in specific locations surrounding the listener on each side as well as above and below which essentially drowns the listener in frequencies designed just by people like me! 

I mean it is Dolby and Apple! That alone is access to a vibrant enough community but when you start adding services like YouTube premium and Tidal into the mix, it is hard not to jump on board. Youtube alone is enough to convince me. 

To help ease my workflow, and learn from the masters, I often times hire a mixing and a mastering engineer. I have been super happy with the formula I have developed however I just sent my first mix off to Audio Animals to try out their Atmos mixing and mastering service. There are a few other rumors about an Atmos premastering service, however Audio Animals is the first team I have encountered with clear, concise, and affordable pricing options. Digging through their website I really enjoyed the a la’ carte approach for the various add ons. I however, went for the full mother load while screaming to an empty room..."give me all the add ons!" I look forward to receiving a full Atmos mix and master, a regular .wav stereo mix and master, mp3, and stems. Rather than a variety of stem configurations, I decided to get all the individual processed tracks, which is a killer option. That will give me the ability to create any stem configuration that I may need  down the road and is going to greatly enhance what I do! .

I am really looking forward to having some fun with Audio Animals. It sounds like they are open to creativity and creativity is what it is all about!


...stay tuned