I am excited to share a new project! PsychoSissy is up on Spotify and ready for you to enjoy. This is a little project for you "meditators" and "seekers" out there. I'll leave you with the liner notes below and in the meantime I hope to run across you on the astral plane!

"This specific meditation is used to prepare for and initiate an out of body experience allowing your astral body to separate from your physical body and journey towards the various levels of the astral plane. Astral travel and astral projection is associated with self-hypnosis, forms of meditation, and dream states that can be induced through various hallucinogenic means. This is one of those means. This can be used as an overall mental preparation or as the first stage of a long term meditation. This will work well with any speaker system however a high-end surround sound system or quality over the ear headphones are suggested. One should approach this with a clear intent and prepare an environment that allows for calm, open-mindedness. Effects become more powerful if used in conjunction with various breathing exercises, aromatherapy, massage, and any of the esoteric arts." 

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