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psychoSissy live on ArgosTV! 

Despite the difficult times, we find ourselves in at the moment there are still moments of inspiration to be found. Take for example the onslaught of streaming concerts from living rooms, warehouses, empty clubs, studios, and practically anywhere you can get an internet connection. PsychoSissy was lucky enough to be featured in a live basement set on ArgosTV. Brand new records were cut the day of the event on a vintage Presto 6N lathe cutting machine, and then mixed and manipulated via turntables. It was a blast creating custom sounds for this specific event and even more fun mixing and manipulating the meditative drones into an experimental, esoteric set. Open a bottle of wine and check out the link below for the full hour-long set.

The sounds were created in Logic and then scratched onto the surface of 7" square pieces of plastic. This is the same process that we used for cutting Project213's limited release of 'Naughty Jenny'. Join our mailing list for future limited releases!

Naughty Jenny Lathe cuts are now available! 

As the release of our music video approaches we are also super excited to share that we have our first batch of real, home-cut records available to add to your collection! These 7" square pieces of plastic have Naughty Jenny (embossed) scratched on the surface via a vintage lathe cutting machine. This is the same model of machine that cut the very first Elvis Presley single! We can't wait to share more music this way. Head over to our merch page and grab one! ...btw, don't worry it'll come with an mp3 as well:).