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Film Festivals! 

It looks like Naughty Jenny is hitting the film festival circuit! I have always loved participating in film festivals and it is kind of the Colossal Cinematic Showcase to get the party started for Project213 this year. This particular showcase will be filled with a bunch of old friends and I look forward to spending the time with them, even if I have to wear a colossally cinematic facemask. Oh and speaking of festivals, I realized that I never expressed my gratitude to the Blow-up International Arthouse Festival for last year's inclusion of our experimental film, Nocturne ((psychosis)). Chicago plays a great host to the arthouse film community and it was an honor to be included. Check out the laurels to both festivals below, and I'll see ya at the movies.









The creators of the comedy web series Vagina Town have released season 1 for streaming on YouTube! I had a blast composing music for the show as well as functioning as the music supervisor. When you watch the series you may even catch me acting in a couple of episodes :). That is what is so cool about indie projects; with the right crew you get to dip your hands into a little bit of everything. Yes, this was the right crew and so many memories were made on this project. Check out the trailer and then set some time aside to binge watch all 6 episodes!


This project was filmed exclusively in Boise, Idaho. You might recognize some of the locations from around town and some you won't recognize, like my house. Everything good doesn't have to come to an end though. If you liked the series please consider donating some $$$ to help push season 2 through. Pick an amount you can afford to donate at  Vagina Town TV. Oh, and btw, ' Naughty Jenny' was born out of episode 5. Can you spot an early version of the song?

Naughty Jenny Lathe cuts are now available! 

As the release of our music video approaches we are also super excited to share that we have our first batch of real, home-cut records available to add to your collection! These 7" square pieces of plastic have Naughty Jenny (embossed) scratched on the surface via a vintage lathe cutting machine. This is the same model of machine that cut the very first Elvis Presley single! We can't wait to share more music this way. Head over to our merch page and grab one! ...btw, don't worry it'll come with an mp3 as well:).


Naughty Jenny! 

This is the month! We release Naughty Jenny, set her free and let her live in her own world amongst all the great bands and music videos out there! We have enjoyed sharing some of this process with you and can't wait to continue to share all future projects! many things are already in the works but in the meantime here is some "behind the scenes" footage to help keep focussed on the task at hand:).